A1 Plumbing, Pumps & Water Treatment’s commitment to the community goes beyond providing exceptional services. The A1 in the Community Program is a testament to our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Created to support local charities and organizations, this monthly charitable giveaway has become a heartwarming initiative that brings people together.

How It Works

  • Monthly $500 Donation: We feature three local charities each month, giving them the chance to receive a $500 cash donation. This donation can make a significant difference in supporting their noble causes.
  • No Non-Profit Requirement: We embrace inclusivity by not making it a requirement for participating groups or organizations to be non-profits. This opens the door for various community initiatives to benefit from the program.
  • Community Engagement: Once the contenders are selected, they have the entire month to gather votes. We rely on the power of community engagement to determine the winner, promoting a sense of unity and shared purpose.

Why Participate

  • Visibility and Recognition: The A1 in the Community Program provides a platform for local organizations to reach more people in the communities they serve. For the winner, it means a helpful financial boost, but all participants benefit from the opportunity to be recognized. We use our social networks to promote our participants, making sure that everyone we reach can learn about the great work these organizations do, and how they contribute to our community.
  • Simple and Inclusive: Participating is easy, with no complex requirements. Individuals and groups only need to register once to vote, encouraging a seamless and inclusive participation process.
  • Building Community Bonds: This initiative has helped us strengthen our bond with the community. As we witness the enthusiasm and support for each contender, it reinforces the spirit of togetherness.

How to Join

Nominate Your Organization

We encourage individuals and groups to nominate their organizations to be featured in the A1 in the Community Program. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your cause and make a positive impact.

Use this form to nominate an organization for participation in next month’s voting. If you’re looking to vote for one of this month’s organizations, please vote in the poll at the top of this page.

    Spread the Word

    Once selected, it’s up to the contenders to spread the word and gather votes. Utilize your network, use social media, and engage your community to rally behind your cause.

    The A1 in the Community Program goes beyond traditional giving; it’s a celebration of community, generosity, and shared values. Join us in making a difference, one monthly donation at a time. Together, let’s create a ripple effect of kindness and support for the causes that matter most to our community.